1945 - The Fifteenth Reunion of The Newton Family

Postage stamp issued in 1945

Navy Issue
Achievements in the US Navy in World War II
United States Sailors 

Postage stamp issued in 1945
Iwo Jima (Marines) Issue
Battle of Iwo Jima and honoring the achievements of the US Marines
Marines Raising American Flag on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima 

Postage stamp issued in 1945
Army Issue
Achievements of the US Army in World War II
United States Troops Passing Arch of Triumph , Paris, France

Postage stamp issued in 1945
Coast Guard Issue
Achievements of the US Coast Guard in World War II
Coast Guard Landing Craft and Supply Ship

The fifteenth Newton reunion was held at the home of Milton and Aletha Roof on Aug. 4, 1945.
It was a perfect day in every respect, and the tables were set up under the trees on the side lawn.
Here a splendid dinner was served and eaten with great relish.
To top it off, the usual watermelon was present and readily consumed.
August 4th, 1945 

 Following the dinner was a short business meeting.
Lucy Voss read the minutes of that year's reunion in the absence of the secretary, Wilma Hodnett Voss.
Genevieve Beardsley was the acting President in place of Harold Kellogg who was not able to attend.

$2.25 was received when the hat was passed. This is the final report:
collection                                        $ 2.25
balance from 1944                      $11.68
1945 expenses                             $ 2.23
1945 Balance in Treasury        $11.70

August 4th, 1945

The following officers were elected for 1946:

President - Mariella Spisak
Vice President - Fred Newton
Secretary - Naomi Newton
Treasurer - Nellie Roof

The motion was made and carried that the next reunion be held where the President choose.
At this point the impatient athletes insisted that the meeting come to an end as they were anxious to get a chance at hitting that good softball; the meeting adjourned and the ballgame began.

August 4th, 1945

The game was enthusiastically umpired by Mariella Spisak.
The "Muskateers", with Charles M. Newton, Milton Roof, Fred Newton, Lloyd Voss, Lois Newton and Cedric Roof as players were rather badly beaten by the "Rinky-Dinks" whose team was made up of John Beardsley, Genevieve Beardsley, Bernard Roof, Charles Spisak, Roddy Kellogg and Naomi Newton.
The final score was 16 to 32. Do you suppose the umpire might have been prejudiced? Her husband was on the winning team, you see.

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"T Ration" for use by truckers

The day finally ended as all good things must come to an end, and we departed for our several homes happy and contented and looking forward to another such day next year.
Secretary, Naomi Newton

Revenue stamp issued in July 1944
Expires on June 30th, 1945
Motor Vehicle Use Revenue

Members Present at the 1945 Reunion:

Grandma Harrington
Ella Slade
Bessie Newton
Charles Newton
Naomi Newton
Lois Newton
Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Bernard Roof
Faith Roof
Lloyd Voss
Lucy Voss

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"B Ration" issued to workers in the military industry, 
entitling their holder up to 
8 gallons of gasoline per week.

John Beardsley
Genevieve Beardsley
Linda Beardsley
Dale John Beardsley
Charles Spisak
Mariella Spisak
Charleen Spisak
David Spisak
Cedric Roof
Nellie Roof
Roddy Kellogg
Fred Newton


Flo Peck
Mrs. Hesse (Endicott)

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945


Lois Newton and Earl Bouton Jan. 26, 1946


to Harold & Dorothy Kellogg, Gary Richard Kellogg, Sept 15, 1945

to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Snell, Lawrence Richard, Jan. 4, 1946

Naomi Newton, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1945