1931 - The First Reunion of The Milton D. Newton Family

The First Reunion of The Milton D. Newton Family,
  was held at the residence of Frederic Marenus Newton (1879-1957), which was the old homestead, of his father Milton DeWitt Newton (1857-1896) and his mother, Emma Jane Stedman Newton (1859-1947).
It was also the birthplace of their younger seven children, Frederic the eldest, having been born at the home of Milton's father George Adams Newton (1831-1912) and his mother Samantha Zurviah Goodenough Newton (1834-1908).
This "Newton Homestead" is situated about 1 1/8 miles from Barnes Corners, N.Y. on the direct road to Lowville, N.Y. This road is a part of the old "State Road" to Sackett's Harbour in Civil War days.

July 4th 1931

Proceedings of Reunion.

Motion made and approved that Lloyd E. Voss act as Secretary for the day.

Motion made and approved that D.S. (DeWitt Stedman) Newton be elected President.

Motion made and approved that Franklin G. Newton be elected Vise-Pres.

Motion made and approved that Mrs. Nellie B. Roof be elected Treasurer.

Motion made and approved that Mrs.Emma J. Harrington be elected Secretary.

Next meeting place to be selected by the President.
(Barnes Corners Garage Hall, on Saturday July 9th 1932,
which is also DeWitt's (The President's) forty third birthday.)

  Collection $3.25
  Expenses  $1.86
In Treasury $1.39

           Expenses $1.86
            Coffee .39
             plates .32
             butter .15
watermelon $1.00 

Postage stamp issued in 1931
 Yorktown Issue
Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, 1781.

List of those attending this first reunion of the M.D. Newton family:

Frederic Marenus Newton
Kenneth George Newton
Esther Jeannette Newton
Copenhagen, N.Y., Route 2

Edna's Children:

Russell Newton Kellogg
Elaine Drumm Kellogg
Fillmore, N.Y., Route 1

Ida Mae Kellogg Lynch
Jack Lynch
Robert Milton Kellogg
Ithaca, N.Y., Route 1

Avis Leone Kellogg
Carthage, N.Y.

July 4th 1931

Helen Barns Newton Roof
Cedric Erwin Roof
Cecil Rosamond Roof
Barnes Corners, N.Y., Box 36

Milton Erwin Roof
Aletha James Roof
Bernard Milton Roof
Fillmore, N.Y., Route 1

 Louella's Children are now in California & Mich.

DeWitt Stedman Newton
Barnes Corners, N.Y., Copenhagen Route 2

Postage stamp issued in 1931
 Pulaski Issue
150th anniversary (in 1929) of the death 
of General Casimir Pulaski, Polish patriot and hero in
Lucy Samantha Newton Voss
Lloyd Erwin Voss
George Newton Voss
Genevieve Elizabeth Voss
Fillmore, N.Y., Route 1

Charles Milton Newton
Bessie M. Renner Newton
Esther Elizabeth Newton
Naomi Ruth Newton
Charles Wesley Newton
Lois Eunice Newton
South Otselic, N.Y., Box 88

Franklin George Newton
Minnie Ellen Goodfriend Newton
Mabel Emma Newton
Lewis Milton Newton
Adams Center, N.Y.

Mrs. Emma J. Newton Harrington Former Widow of Milton Newton
Box 36, Barnes Corners, N.Y. 

Postage stamp issued in 1931
 Red Cross Issue
50th anniversary of the founding of the 

List of visitors at first reunion of the M.D. Newton family:

Mrs. Belia J. Newton
Miss. Etta Newton
Miss. Letra Goodenough
Copenhagen, N.Y., Route 2

Lyle D. Terrill
Copenhagen, N.Y. 

Mrs. Nellie Rice Ryther
Copenhagen, N.Y., Route 2

Mrs. Ida Evans
Georgetown, N.Y.

Miss. Evelyn Blark
Watertown, N.Y.

Blark A. Newton
Mrs. Eva M. Newton
Alfred E. Newton
Adams Center, N.Y.

Mrs. Edith Wait
Lloyd Wait
Copenhagen, N.Y., Route 2

Total relatives  33
Total visitors    12
Total                   45 

Revenue stamp issued in 1931

Potato Race, Ball game, Sack race 

Committee on Sports for next year:
Cedric Roof and Russell Kellogg

July 4th 1931 (exposure compensated)

July 4th 1931 (composite image)

Lloyd E. Voss, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1931