1944 - The Fourteenth Reunion of The Newton Family

   The fourteenth annual reunion of the Newton families was held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Voss of Short Tract, N.Y. on August 5th, 1944; and back to our former custom of gathering in the day time.
Dinner; and a dinner that still proved we have wonderful cooks for wives, or did a man lend a helping hand? was enjoyed by both young and old what a picture we made eating visiting on the Voss lawn. 

Postage stamp issued in 1944
Motion Picture, 50th Anniversary
Motion Picture Showing for Armed Forces in South Pacific

True to our usual routine a watermelon quenched our thirst and provided seeds to aim at the "few flies" pestering us. After dinner a business meeting was held, after we all quieted down under protest. 

Postage stamp issued in 1944
Completion of the 1st transcontinental railroad, 75th anniversary.

The following officers were chosen:

President- Harold Kellogg
Vice President- Genevieve Beardsley
Secretary- Wilma Hodnett Voss
Treasurer- Nellie Roof

Milton Roof was acting President in place of Russell Kellogg who was unable to attend.
Genevieve Vos Beardsley, our efficient little secretary read the minutes of the 1943 Reunion.
The financial report was given by Nellie Roof. 
The 1945 Reunion is to be held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Milton Roof of Short tract, N.Y. 

Postage stamp issued in 1944
Steamship Issue
1st steamship to cross the Atlantic, 125th anniversary.

The usual ball game was played, young and old, girls and boys joined the fun and; the ladies while visiting, swapping recipes and watching the youngsters wrote a chain letter that was read aloud.
As usual we all had to leave for our homes and various duties; but with much a happy feeling. Later we could review our day spent with relatives and friends at the home of Lucy and Lloyd and take a new slant on life.
We did have fun, especially when Grandma Harrington bid against herself; it was difficult where to cry "Sold to _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Postage stamp issued in 1944
Telegraph Issue
1st message transmitted by telegraph, centennial.
Telegraph Wires and Morse's First Transmitted words 
"What Hath God Wrought"

Treasures Report:

Balance from last year  $5.83
Collection (1944)            $5.90
Expenses                         $1.96
Balance in Treasury      $9.77
Auction Income              $1.91
Total Balance                $11.68 

Revenue stamp issued in July 1943
Expires on June 30th, 1944
Motor Vehicle Use Revenue

Those present at the 1944 Reunion:

Grandma Harrington
Nellie Roof
Cedric Roof
Joe Watson
Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Bernard Roof
Faith Roof
Lloyd Voss
Lucy Voss
George Voss
Wilma Voss
Elwyn Voss
John Beardsley
Genevieve Beardsley
Linda A. Beardsley

Gasoline Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"A Ration" the lowest priority of gasoline rationing, 
entitled the car owner to 3 to 4 gallons of 
gasoline per week.

Elaine Kellogg
Roddy Kellogg
David Kellogg
Sharon Kellogg
Harold Kellogg
Dorothy Kellogg
Barbara Kellogg
Fred Newton
DeWitt Newton
Ella Slade


Mr. & Mrs. Poland
Ronald James
Flo Peck
Clare Luckey
Norris Luckey
Tom Voss

Gasoline Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"T Ration" for use by truckers


Dale John Beardsley, April 23, 1945

Stephen Douglas Greene, May 13, 1945

Kenneth's baby, Van Newton, March 1945

Ronald Russell Voss, November 17, 1944

Darryl Darwin Sisto, October 26, 1944

Lewis Newton's son, Ronald Oliver, May 12, 1945

Wilma Hodnett Voss, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1944