1933 - The Third Reunion of The Newton Family

 The third Newton Reunion was held on July 8th at the Old Homestead, it having been previously decided that all our Newton Reunions should be held at this place.
 Although there had been a hard shower the previous night there were little signs of it by mid-forenoon as the parched earth soon drank it up. Hence the picnic was held in the woods where the tables from the year before were still waiting the annual event.

Postage Stamp issued in 1933
150th anniversary of the issuance by George Washington of the official order 
containing the proclamation of peace marking officially the ending of 
hostilities in the War for Independence

 Several members found the new stove at once and made use of it by heating to water for the coffee. It worked fine - that is, if one can judge by the smoke.

 The remains of the old wagon brought forth a few titters as memory portrayed again some of the troubles of the year previous.

 The bountiful repast was greatly enjoyed by all, and there seemed no lack for food, fun, pickles or banana peelings - epically the later which landed so frequently at the Western end of the table that no one doubted who was eating at the Eastern end.

 As the feasting came to an end the business meeting was called to order by the most important member of the group - Mrs. Emma Harrington who read the secretary's report in the absence of the secretary - Mrs. Jack Lynch.

 We wish to emphasize that a new stone gavel was used which was later warped up by the honorable Franklin George Newton and placed at the roots of a nearby tree at the N. Eastern corner of the table,  waiting the appointed time the following years. This is a very important reminder as the gavel is very much overworked on these occasions for various reasons.

Summer 1933 at Letchworth State Park:  
Dave, Lloyd, Lucielle, Mariella, Genevieve, & George

The minutes were approved, and the following new elections were made.

Franklin G. Newton - President
Lloyd E. Voss - Vice President
Minnie Newton - Treasurer
Lucy Voss - Secretary
Esther Watson and Cecil Watson - Foods Committee

The date of the 2nd Sat. in July was decided upon.

  The collection was then taken and the business came to a close in the midst of much confusion.
Immediately the party betook their selves, some in cars and some on shanks horses to the open space beyond the woods where the ball game began at once.

Lewis Newton Newton and Charles Wesley were empires.

The game was played between the "Cant Be's" and the "Has Been's".

With some hesitancy, I here submit the names of either side.

The "Cant Be's":
DeWitt, Milton, Fred N., Chas N., Freddie W., Theodore, Mable and George.

The "Has Been's":
Cedric, Frank, Vernon, Lloyd, Kennith, Chas Wesley, Beatrice and Naomi.

 Judging from the tally sheet we confess the "Cant Be's" must have been rightly named as they received three zeroes in six innings.
Even then they might have won the game, had they continued to it's close, but they found it necessary to quit on the sixth inning which found their fine to nineteen in favor of the "Has Been's". 
However Charley made up for his failure in the ball game by giving Lloyd, Nellie and Minnie a thrilling adventure on the back end of his car as he returned to the tables. 
They were truly grateful they managed to stick as they bumped over knolls, rocks and sticks as their cries of fear and merriment rang through the woods, as they dashed out of sight of the ones who were less fortunate in finding a place to ride - But they probably wouldn't have gotten on if they were not looking for a thrill.
And what is a black and blue spot more or less after a week or two.

 Soon each had gathered up their belongings and taken their departure after a very delightful and eventful day.

Postage Stamp issued in 1933
Issued to direct attention to and arouse the support of the nation for the  

Treasure's Report.
Balance from year      1932   $4.30
Taken in (Collection)  1933
Paid out for coffee
milk + bananas           1933
Balance in Treasury             $4.50 

Attendance at 1933 Reunion.

Mrs. Emma Harrington
Mr. Fred M. Newton
Mrs. Fred M. Newton (Minnie)
May Rusaw
Beatrice Rusaw
Cedric Ervin Roof
Nellie Newton Roof
Milton Ervin Roof
Aletha James Roof
Faith Marie Roof
Bernard Milton Roof
Cecil Roof Watson
Wilma Jean Watson
Freddie Watson
Lucy Newton Voss
Lloyd Ervin Voss
George Newton Voss
Genevieve Elizabeth Voss
Franklin George Newton
Minnie Newton
Mable Emma Newton
Lewis Milton Newton
Kenneth G. Newton
Charles M. Newton
Bessie Renner Newton
Esther Elizabeth Newton
Naomi Ruth Newton
Lois Eunice Newton
Charles Wesley Newton
DeWitt Stedman Newton
Theodore Irving Newton
Etta Newton

Miss. Joyce Young
Edith Waite
Lloyd Waite

Total relatives  32
Total visitors     3
Total                  35

Summer 1933 at Letchworth State Park:  
Dave, Lloyd, Lucielle, Mariella, Genevieve, & George

Married since the last Reunion.
Miss Letra Goodenough to Harold Forbes
Born to this union Jan. 22, 1934 a boy Russell Charles.

Harold Kellogg and Dorthy Woodland were married July 1, 1933
Their daughter Barbara Lou was born April 24, 1934

Born since the last Reunion.

To Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Watson a daughter - Adell Aug. 15, 1933

To Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Watson a son - Neldon Joe Nov. 16, 1933

To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch a son - Daniel Arthur 3lb. 15 oz. died same day

To Mr. and Mrs. Herold Boreland daughter - Beverly Jean Jan. 14, 1933

To Mr. and Mrs. Milton Roof - a daughter Faith Marie Feb. 8, 1933

Lucy Voss, Secretary

1933 Christmas Seal