1932 - The Second Reunion of The Newton Family

  The second reunion of the Newton family was held in the woods of the old Newton homestead near Barnes Corners.
It had rained all of the proceeding day and night but cleared off beautifully and was very lovely in the woods.
With the exception of one car getting stuck in the muddy road everyone arrived safely.

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250th anniversary of the arrival in America 
of Penn (1644-1718), English Quaker 
and founder of Pennsylvania.

Tables and benches were erected by the men and a fireplace built for making coffee.
Dinner was the first order of the day and proved a great success both as to food and fun.
After dinner the business meeting was called to order by the Pres. Dewitt Newton and the Secretary's report called for.

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Olympic Winter Games Issue
held at Lake Placid, NY., Feb. 4-13, 1932

The minutes of the last meeting and the Treasure's report were read by the Secretary Mrs. Emma J. Harrington in the midst of great confusion after continual rapping of the gavel.
The minutes were approved and seconded and new business called for.

The motion was made and approved Charles Milton Newton be made President.

The motion was made and approved Jack W. Lynch be made Vice President.

The motion was made and approved Lucy Newton Voss be made Treasurer.

The motion was made and approved Ida Mae Lynch be made Secretary.

The motion was made and approved that a committee on foods be formed to plan menu.

The motion was made and approved that Minnie Goodfriend Newton and Nellie Newton Roof act on this committee.

The motion was made and approved that cards be sent by the Secretary to all members announcing date of  reunion and food to be brought as decided by food committee.

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The collection was then taken and responded to liberally.

The business meeting then closed by unanimous consent.

  Some pictures were taken then a hilarious game of base ball was played between the yellow socks and green skirts captained by Cedric Roof and Jack Lynch, respectably. It was a very peaceful game due to the enormous size of the empire, Louis Milton Newton, no one could argue his decisions.
After the thirty-seventh inning the game was forced to end due to a shortage of tree limbs in the woods, some having used for bats.
  As the score board broke so many times it was rather doubtful which team carried off the honors but it was believed that the yellow socks had a slight edge.
However, both captains shook hand and no hard feeling were held by anyone except the President Dewitt Newton who had to be soundly spanked both because of his birthday and behavior.
The reunion then disbanded after everyone had pronounced it a successful and very happy day.

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Daniel Webster Issue
Daniel Webster (1782-1852) Statesman

Treasurer's Report

Balance from year    1931  $1.39
Taken in (collection) 1932  $3.41
Paid out, (Coffee)                     .50
Balance in Treasury           $4.30

Postage stamp issued in 1932
Arbor Day Issue
1st observance of Arbor Day in the state of Nebraska
April 1872, 60th anniversary, and centennial 
of the birth of Julius Sterling Morton
who conceived the plan and the name "Arbor Day," 
while he was a member of the 
Nebraska State Board of Agriculture.
"Boy and Girl Planting Tree"

Attendance of reunion of 1932 Newton Reunion

Mrs. Emma J. Harrington     born  Mar. 9, 1859
Cedric Ervin Roof                born  Apr. 8, 1883
Nellie Newton Roof             born  Sept. 7 1885
Milton Ervin Roof                born  Aug. 19, 1905
Aletha James Roof               born  Mar. 3, 1910 
Bernard Milton Roof             born  Dec. 24, 1909
Cecil Roof Watson                born  Mar. 15, 1915
Frederic Watson                   born  Nov. 2, 1904
Lucy Newton Voss               born  Jan 26, 1891
Lloyd Erwin Voss
George Newton Voss
Genevieve Elizabeth Voss
Franklin George Newton      born  Sept. 30, 1893
Minnie Goodfriend Newton
Mable Emma Newton
Lewis Milton Newton            born  April 1923
Fredrick Marenus Newton   born  Mar. 14, 1879
Kenneth George Newton     born  Oct. 1, 1913
Charles Milton Newton         born  May 18, 1892
Bessie Renner Newton         born  Mar. 28, 1893
Esther Elizabeth Newton      born  Mar. 10, 1917
Naomi Ruth Newton              born  June 17, 1918
Charles Wesley Newton       born  June 13, 1920
Lois Eunice Newton             born  May 2, 1927
Dewitt Stedman Newton      born  July 9, 1889
Floyd Dewitt Newton     
Theodore Irving Newton
Dorthy Newton Boreland
Gerald Duane Boreland       born  Oct. 1930
Ida Mae Kellogg Lynch
Jack William Lynch
Avis Leone Kellogg             born  Jan 1913
Harold Arthur Kellogg

Postage stamp issued in 1932
Olympic Games Issue
Issued in honor of the 10th Olympic Games
held at Los Angeles, Calif., 
July 30 to Aug. 14, 1932

Visitors at Newton Reunion 1932
Miss  Letra Goodenough
Mrs. Celia J. Newton
Miss. Etta Newton
Mrs. Nellie Rice Ryther
Mr. Kenneth Goodenough
Mrs. Edith Wait
Mrs. Claud Woodland
Mr. Robert Woodland
Miss. Thelma James

Total relatives 36
Total visitors     9
           Total       45


Postage stamp issued in 1932
Olympic Games Issue
Issued in honor of the 10th Olympic Games
held at Los Angeles, Calif., 
July 30 to Aug. 14, 1932

Ida Mae Lynch,Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1932