1943 - The Thirteenth Reunion of The Newton Family

Postage stamp issue of 1943
Four Freedoms Issue
Liberty Holding the Torch of Freedom and Enlightenment 
Freedom of Speech
 Freedom of Religion
 Freedom from Want
 Freedom from Fear 

   The Thirteenth reunion of the Newton family was held at the home of Russel Kellogg in Short Tract, N.Y. where Cedric and Nellie Roof were then living.
Tables were set up in two rooms of the house to make room for the gang (the children eating in the kitchen, with the exception of a few grown-ups).
It was again held at night
We all enjoyed a good supper, although the usual cakes and such luxuries were few.

Postage stamp issue of 1943
Allied Nations Issue
Allegory of Victory

The meeting was called by our President, George Voss, and the offices for next year are as follows:

President- Russell Kellogg
Vice President- Milton Roof
Secretary- Genevieve Voss Beardsley
Treasurer- Nellie Roof

Revenue stamp issued in July 1942
Expires on June 30th, 1943
Motor Vehicle Use Revenue

After the meeting, some left overs of cool-aid and canned milk were auctioneered-off by Milton Roof. Russell Kellogg and his son, Roddy were highest bidders, so what they received cost them $.35 (Russell paying the bill).
Water-melon was cut and each received a generous helping before leaving for their respective homes.
A good time was had by all present. 
The next reunion is to be held the 1st Saturday in August, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Voss in short Tract, N.Y.
Genevieve Beardsley, Secretary

Gasoline Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"A Ration" the lowest priority of gasoline rationing, 
entitled the car owner to 3 to 4 gallons of 
gasoline per week.

Treasure's Report:

Balance from last year         $4.45
Collection (1943)                   +3.80
Paid out: 
cool aide                                  -2.77
Balance in Treasury              5.48
                                                      .35 Russell

Documentary Revenue stamp issued in 1943

Those present at the 1943 Newton Reunion:

Grandma Harrington
Nellie Roof
Cedric Roof
Wilma Watson
Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Bernard Roof
Faith Roof

Stock Transfer Revenue stamp issued in 1943 
George M. Bibb

Lloyd Voss
Lucy Voss
George Voss
Wilma Voss
John Beardsley
Genevieve Beardsley
Charlie Newton
Bessie Newton

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945

Russell Kellogg
Elaine Kellogg
Roddy Kellogg
David Kellogg
Sharon Kellogg
Robert Kellogg
Catherine Kellogg
Bonny Kellogg
Ella Slade


Mr. & Mrs. Fred Poland
Shirley Chase

Members  25
Visitors       3
Total           28

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945


Born to Mr. & Mrs. John Beardsley, a daughter, Linda Ann, March 15th, 1944

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Newton, a daughter, Sandra, January 1944

Genevieve Beardsley, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1943