1938 - The Eighth Reunion of The Newton Family

 The rain came down, as we all gathered at the Old Homestead for our 8th Newton Reunion.
We were in a quandary for a while trying to decide where we could set our tables for dinner, as it was too wet in the woods.
Finally someone suggested using the new barn-floor that Fred and Kenneth had just completed.
So that's what we did, and the place was ideal with the mows of freshly cut hay on either side, and the wide doors open to the west.

Postage stamp issued in 1938
150th anniversary of the ratification of 
the United States Constitution.
Old Courthouse, Williamsburg, VA

 The only trouble was hayseed down our back, for before long nearly all of the young folks between five years old and fifty were climbing up on the mows.
Then Harold Kellogg wanted to show us how to swing across on the hay-fork rope, and out he swung and bumped the other side, but didn't land.
Then back again bump, bump, but no footing.
And so he swung like a pendulum until we were all laughing but Harold, when he showed us his bruised shins we understood why he was so sober.

Postage stamp issued in 1938
Presidential Issue
Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)

 We were so glad to have Aunt Ella Slade with us this time, and would like to have her here every year.
We set the table for the little folks first, and after they were satisfied, the older ones took their places.
And what a wonderful spread!
After we had eaten plenty of sandwiches, salads, jello, cakes and coffee, we finished with cantaloupes and watermelons.

Postage stamp issued in 1938
 Presidential Issue
 Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885)

Then amid much confusion and interruptions, and laughter, we succeeded in holding our business meeting, and the following officers were elected:

Pres. Milton Roof
Vice. Pres. Fred Newton
Sec. Nellie Roof
Treas. Kenneth Newton
Date set for next reunion 1st Sat. in Aug.
Expenses for this year.
             coffee         .25
    paper plates      .40
            napkins      .10
            cool aid      .20
               sugar       .17
15 cantaloupes  1.50
  2 W. melons      1.10

Collection $3.00 (handed to new treasurer)

Postage stamp issued in 1938
Presidential Issue
 Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

 The sun came out, and the afternoon was pleasant.
As soon as the business meeting was over the young folks rushed to the ballgame.
But I don't know who played, or how it turned out, so the result will have to be omitted this time.

 DeWitt Newton didn't come until late, as he was working away from home, but when he did arrive there was a scramble to give him a "licking" as this is his 49th birthday.

Postage stamp issued in 1938
Presidential Issue

Those present were:

Emma J. Harrington
Fred Newton
Kenneth Newton
Nellie Roof
Cedric Roof
Frank Newton
Minnie Newton
Mable Newton
Lew Newton
Lucy Voss
Chas Newton
Bessie Newton
Charles Newton Jr.
Naomi Newton
Lois Newton

Postage stamp issued in 1938
Presidential Issue
Benjamin Franklin

Cecil Watson
Fred Watson
Wilma Watson
Joe Watson
Laura Watson
Harold Forbes
Letra Forbes
Russell Forbes
Ethel Forbes
Frank Hart
Etta Newton
Bird Ryther
DeWitt Newton
Harold Kellogg
Dorothy Kellogg
Barbara Kellogg

Postage stamp issued in 1938
Northwest Territory Sesquicentennial
"Colonization of the West"


Dana Steele
Helen Forbes
Mary Rusaw
Ella Slade

31 members
  4 visitors
35 total

 Nellie Newton Roof, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1938