1937 - The Seventh Reunion of The Newton Family

The seventh Newton reunion was held on July 3rd, 1937 at the Old Homestead.
It was nearly 12 o'clock before the cars finally left for the woods.
The day was warm and a bit cloudy, but it proved ideal for our gathering.

Postage stamp issued in 1937
Constitution Sesquicentennial Issue
150th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution 
on September 17, 1787.
"Adoption of the Constitution"

 While the ladies set the table, the baseball players adjourned to the nearby pasture to chose their teams.
Frankie and Charles Sr. were the the two captains.

On Frankie's side were Cedric Roof, Charles Jr., Dana Steele, Harold Forbes, Freddie Watson, DeWitt, Fred and Lloyd Voss.

Charles Sr. chose Milton Roof, Herold Kellogg, Harold Boreland, Lawrence Baker, Vernon Watson, Floyd
Newton, Fred Newton and Naomi.

With Frankie's team batting first, we we finished the half of the first inning with one run for their side, when Lois Newton and May Rusaw incessantly repeated that dinner was ready.
 Rather reluctantly we left the field, but our spirits revived immediately at the sight of the plenteous repast which more than filled the table.
Since the number present had increased over last year, there was barley elbow room for sitting at the table.
It was decided that for next year we must have another table built to adequately accommodate the folks.
Everyone did justice to the fine variety of salads, jellos and cakes, and there was little left after everyone's appetites had been satisfied.
We hope that Dewitt was not ill, but the banana peelings seemed to stay at home this year.

Postage stamp issued in 1937
Ordinance Of 1787 Sesquicentennial Issue
150th anniversary of the adoption of the Ordinance of 1787 
and the creation of the Northwest Territory.

 As Usual, it was difficult to bring the business meeting to order, but our president, Harold Kellogg, with the able assistance of Grandma Harrington half-way succeeded after a  courageous trying.
The minutes of the last Reunion were read and accepted.
The following elections were made:
President - Cecile Newton
Vice President - Esther Watson
Secretary - Naomi Newton
Treasurer - Floyd Newton
A collection of $4 was taken

Postage stamp issued in 1937
Virginia Dare Issue
350th anniversary of the birth of Virginia Dare,
1st child born in America of English parents (Aug. 18, 1587), 
and the settlement at Roanoke Island.
Virginia Dare and Parents

The expenses for the Reunion were as follows:
soft drinks                     $ .40
plates                               .35
napkins                            .10
bananas                         2.00
sugar                                .28
coffee                               .29
cards                                .30
Total expenses:            $3.72
Total money on hand: $5.78 for 1938

 The time and place for the next reunion were to be decided later by the President, Cecile Watson.
As soon as the business meeting was adjourned, there there was an immediate dispersal for the ball field, for it was nearly three o'clock by this time.
A seven inning game was played, with several players in particular rating high honors.
Charles Sr. made a run each time he got up to bat, and our umpire, Lew, called Fred "out" twice, and still he continued to run the bases.
Mighty fine records, both!
Frankie's team, "Hit 'Em High", won over Charles Sr's. team, "Hit 'Em Low" by a score of 15 to 12.
Congratulations to everyone's good humor and to the winners of the game!
Nearly everyone decided it was the best game played in a long time.

 The end of a happy, eventful day finally came to a close, with hopes on all sides of seeing everyone again next year.

Souvenir Sheet issued in 1937
Society Of Philatelic Americans Issue

Attendance of 1937 Reunion:

Grandma Harrington
Harold Kellogg
Dorothy Kellogg
Barbara Kellogg
Floyd Newton
Rita Newton
Ronald Newton
Lloyd Voss
Lucy Voss
Frank Newton
Minnie Newton
Lew Newton
Dewitt Newton
Theodore Newton
Dorthy Boreland
Harold Boreland
Gerald Boreland
Beverly Boreland
Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Bernard Roof
Faith Roof
Cedric Roof
Nellie Roof
Cecile Watson
Freddie Watson
Wilma J. Watson
Weldon J,. Watson
Laura H. Watson
Charles M. Newton
Bessie Newton
Naomi Newton
Charles Newton Jr.
Lois Newton
Eola Fikes
Leon Fikes
Sherman Fikes
Nellie Ryther
Etta Newton
Esther Watson
Vernon Watson
Adell Watson

Postage stamp issued in 1937
Territorial Issues - Hawaii

Visitors of 1937 Reunion:

Letra Forbes
Harold Forbes
Russel Forbes
Ethel Forbes
Helen Forbes
Dana Steele
Edith Waite
Lloyd Waite
Mrs. Nora Fogarty
Mae Rusaw
Lawrence Baker
Herbert Hart
Elsie Hulahan
Frank Hart
Dan Elmer
Jessie Elmer

Total relatives   42
Total visitors     17
Total                    59

Mrs. Minnie Newton wife of Fred Newton at the Old Homestead. May 14, 1938

Naomi Newton, Secretary

Christmas Seal with labels issued in 1937
 Health For All


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