1939 - Our Reunion: The Ninth Reunion of The Newton Family

Our Reunion
  by Lucy Newton Voss

As I pause for meditation,
  For a moments hesitation from my baking and my scrubbing and a dozen things or more, I am thinking things are humming and the dear ones will be coming.
Suddenly I hear a roar; Yes its some one's car a sputtin' sounds like stammering and stuttering as it rolls up to the door.

Now I see his face asmile whiskers, possibly the style but with laughter and with mirth he greets each one for DeWitt jumps from the car, while his door is left afar; each one now is sure that there will be some fun.
Fred is busy here and there, greeting loved ones, figuring where each will park their cars and lay their bundles down.

Mothers' laughter I can hear and the voices, very dear of our relatives who have come from out of town. 
While the tables' being laid in the old familiar glade there is Nellie, Franklin, Charles and Bessie too, then there's Minnie wide awake and I think she's brought a cake which Cecil wishes her to cut but twice in two.  
 Now there's coffee to be made or perhaps its just Kool Aid, if the weather keeps as hot as it has been and the stove didn't work too good, not as perfect as it should with its good old sides of rock and top of tin.

When the dinners' on the table all are quiet, if they're able, grace is said and many mouths fly open wide.
Could I tell it if I would, should I tell it if I could, all the things that each of you'll put inside. Sandwiches, not just a few, baked beans, cake and salads too, Until most of the stomachs have to stretch the hide.
 Harold and Russell both are aching to be called out for speech making, while banana peels are flying here and there.

Someone tries to say a word, much loud banging now is heard, if a peeling strikes your face, you must not care thus with food, games and visits blended, a mast gala day is ended and the plans are made to meet another year.

Postage stamp issued in 1939
Baseball Centennial Issue

Newton Reunion Aug. 5th, 1939

  The day was ideal - neither too warm nor too cool for the ninth reunion of the Newton Family, on the lawn of the "Old Homestead".
The relatives however, were rather late in arriving and as usual we had to wait Aunt Millie's arrival before anyone knew just what to do or how to do it.

As it was well past two o'clock before dinner was spread on the large sloping lawn, the men very vigorously batted up "flies"  in the nearby field.
Naomi Newton and sister Esther spent most of their time entertaining the small children by swinging them.
Of course everyone was interested in the two youngest members of the family, Terrance Michael Lynch, 5 weeks and David Errol Kellogg, 4 1/2 months.

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Washington Inauguration Issue
'Washington Taking the Oath of Office, Federal Building, New York City'

  It was thought for awhile that we would have to stand up to eat as there were not enough chairs but the W.P.A. (headed by Jack Lynch and Russell Kellogg) saved the day by dragging some huge planks from the barn to use as seats.At last dinner was ready and was, as usual, enjoyed in spite of several hundred uninvited flies and a warm sun shining in many faces.
As usual, banana peelings were in evidence and one son-in-law was reprimanded severely by the by the leader of the Clan; namely, Grandma Harrington for throwing the peelings around.

  At the close of the hearty meal; consisting of salads, sand wiches, pickles, jello, cakes, bananas etc., our business meeting was conducted with Grandma Harrington assisting Fred Newton - Vice Pres. in the absence of our president, Milton Roof.

The following were elected:

President                Ida Lynch
Vice President       Cecil Watson
Secretary              Dorotha Kellogg
Treasurer              Fred Newton

Motion carried to have reunion at the Old Homestead the last Saturday in July.

Expenses for reunion:

3# sugar         .15
1# coffee         .25
1 milk               .08
2 Cool Ade       .20
48 bananas     .80
3 doz. plates   .30
80 napkins     .10

Collection taken up                 $3.35
Balance in Treas. for 1940     $0.75

Postage stamp issued in 1939


Kenneth Newton & Abbie White, June 24, 1939


To Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kellogg a son, David Errol,  Mar. 17, 1939

To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch a son, Terrence Michael, June 29, 1939

To Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boreland  a daughter, Shirley Jane, Nov. 2, 1938

To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Newton a son, Robert Irving, April 10, 1939

Aunt Lucy Newton Voss was unable to attend the reunion but sent a poem which Grandma H. read at the dinner table ('Our Reunion' is at the top of the page).

Postage stamp issued in 1939
Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco
"Tower of the Sun"

  After dinner the more nimble members of the Clan settled their dinner by playing ball in a nearby field.
Not having played, I can not say won or what the score was.
The women; amid much confusion, sorted their "belongings" and then went to the house and, I guess, finished the day by "wagging" their tongues.
   using Aunt Lucy's words,
"Thus with food, games and visits blended, a mast gala day 
is ended and the plans are made to meet another year."

Postage stamp issued in 1939
Panama Canal Issue
25th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal.

Those present at the 1939 reunion:

Fred Newton
Kenneth Newton
Abbie Newton
Russell Kellogg
Elaine Kellogg
Roderick Kellogg
David Errol Kellogg
Robert Kellogg
Dorotha Kellogg
Barbara Lou Kellogg
Jack Lynch
Ida Lynch
Colleen Lynch
Terrence M. Lynch
Cedric Roof
Nellie Roof
Cecil Watson
Wilma Watson
Joey Watson
Laura Watson
Esther Greene
Ned Greene
Larry Greene
Frank Newton
Minnie Newton
Mable Newton
Etta Newton
Lloyd Voss
DeWitt Newton
Charles Newton
Bessie Newton
Naomi Newton
Emma J. Harrington
Letra Forbes
Russell Forbes
Ethel Forbes

Postage stamp issued in 1939
Printing Tercentenary Issue
Issued in commemoration of the 
300th anniversary of printing in Colonial America. 
The Stephen Daye press is in 
the Harvard University Museum.


Ida Evans
George Fair
Catherine Teeter
Helen Forbes
Dana Steele
Mary Stoddard
Edith Waite
Lloyd Waite
Della Waite
Mae Rusaw

Members  36
Visitors     10
Total          46

Our Reunion by Lucy Newton Voss 1939
Dorotha Kellogg, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1939