The 2014 Newton Family Reunion

Hello Everyone!
  as soon as I arrived, I started the grills and a fire in the fireplace.
As I stood with others in front of a grill, I could see many of you arrive through the clouds of vapor and smoke.
I enjoyed this day covered in soot from head to foot.
I hope to see many more of you next year.

Matthew Klimek
Great Grandson of Charles Newton

Here are the minutes:
July 26, 2014
      83rd annual Newton reunion

    It is a perfect reunion Saturday - not too hot or too cold. 
We had never been to Octagon Pavilion before. It was a bit hard to find but we loved it! 
It will be one of our choices from now on.
The first to arrive were Matt Klimek, Bob and Linda Pfannenschmidt and Julie and Ray Burkhardt. 
Matt lit the charcoal fires right away and he and Ray got to work grilling. There was a lot of good quality meat cooked up! 
Bob was working on putting up the Newton banner so all could find the way in. At 12:30 ,after the group photo sessions, Bob Pfannenschmidt said grace and the hungry crowd of about 50 enjoyed the food. There was plenty of it and it was delicious.
The minutes were read and the election held. Matt Klimek for president and Linda Pfannenschmidt for secretary. No one else ran so they are happy to be elected again. The hat was passed and $115.00 was collected. Add to that the $50.00 earned in the auction that was handily run by Bob and we have $165.00 to secure the pavilion and food for next year.
    Everyone spent time visiting and getting re-acquainted with Adell Best, the daughter of Esther Newton who was the daughter of Uncle Fred. It was wonderful to compare notes, look at pictures and renew old friendships. We are all so blessed to be related.
    After more time  visiting, hiking around the park and snacking all of us blessed relatives hugged and called it a day. Randy Mueckl took the two full trash bags home for us. Thank you, Randy. 
There will be more next year!   
    Remember to spread the word - the last Saturday in July, 2015 is the next Newton family reunion.
(minutes submitted by the secretary, Linda Pfannenschmidt)


The stairway is there year after year as the seasons churn by cold and warm, up and down into another year.
Along the way, we see our kin and together we count our steps through another year.