1941 - The Eleventh Reunion of The Newton Family

  The eleventh Reunion of the Newton Tribe was held on the lawn of Lloyd Voss's home in Short Tract, N.Y. on August 2, 1941.
Few people came from a distance partly because the distance was so great and partly because of extra work at places where they were employed.
The night before one lone Newton came in a drenching rain and being the only Newton from away he found himself very popular throughout the day.
Only 25 people were present but a very good time was enjoyed by all.
Seven of the twenty-five were visitors.

Postage stamp issued in 1941
Kentucky Statehood, 150th Anniversary
Daniel Boone and Three Frontiersman

The picnic was conspicuous for it's lack of children. The younger generation were epically amused over young David Kellogg's antics some of which drew exclamations of horror from the elders; especially when he frequently doused the kitten in the boiler of water that stood on the porch.

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Base ball was played while dinner was being prepared.
After dinner a business meeting followed.
Some snap shots were taken, some of which didn't prove to be very good.
Groups sat in chairs or on benches on the lawn and chatted and watched the large group of 4 children present.
Then the company broke up and went to their several houses, declaring they had had a wonderful dinner and very good time.

Documentary Revenue stamp issued in 1941

The following were elected for the coming year of 1942:

Robert Kellogg - President
Milton Roof - Vice President
Lucy Voss - Secretary
Nellie Roof - Treasurer

Amount in Treasury (1940)    $3.49
Collection (1941)                        2.04
Expenses                                    -2.62
Balance on hand                      $2.91

The nineteen hundred and forty second reunion which in truth is the twelfth is to be held on August 1st. at the home of the Newton President, Milton Roof.

Stock Transfer Revenue stamp issued in 1941


Dana Steele - Jan. 30, 1942


George N. Voss to Wilma Hodnett, Aug. 30, 1941

Mabel Emma Newton to Richard Snell, Aug. 31, 1941


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clintsman, a son Peter, Oct. 18, 1940

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wesley Newton, a son Daniel Howard, June 2, 1941

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kellogg, a daughter Bonnie Jane, July 13, 1942

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Greene, a son Melvin Richard, Jan. 12, 1941

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Newton, a daughter Helen Ruth, Feb. 13, 1942

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Eunice & Hugh VanderVeen, a daughter Jane Elizabeth, Oct. 12, 1941

Born Jan 10, 1941 Sharon Elaine Kellogg

Documentary Revenue stamp issued in 1941
Robert J. Walker

Those present at picnic of 1941

Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Slade, Houghton, NY

Chas. M. Newton, Maine, NY

Lloyd & Lucy Voss
Genevieve Voss

Elaine Kellogg
Roddy Kellogg
David Kellogg
Sharon Kellogg

Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Faith Roof
Bernard Roof
Nellie Roof
Cedric Roof

Joe W. Watson
Emma Harrington


Mr. & Mrs. Readette
Laura & Norris Luckey
Clair & Wilma Luckey

Lucy Newton Voss, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1941