1942 - The Twelfth Reunion of The Newton Family

Postage stamp issued in 1942
Win The War Issue
American Eagle

   Due to a little mustached paperhanger and his yellow faced, slant-eyed friend over east,
our annual get together was few in number and an evening affair.
About twenty three gathered on the lawn of our Vice President Milton Roof in the early evening of Saturday, August 1st, 1942.

An earlier photograph from June 21st, 1942
Cedric Roof, Milton Roof and, Bernard Roof

Tho' few were the many relatives, the usual fun was evident and we were pleased that two Newton brothers from Barnes Corners, NY were able, in spite of gas rationing, to be with us.

Gasoline Ration Stamps issued 1942 - 1945
"C Ration" for use by persons deemed very essential 
to the war effort, such as doctors, ministers, etc...

Our Esteemed Grandmother, leader of our clan, made her very first appearance out of doors since her illness last January. She very stubbornly insisted on reading several lengthy letters from our absent ones and then repeated at length, from memory, a tremendous poem; we were all fearful she would suffer a relapse and she was finally persuaded upon to go inside to rest.
Our Esteemed Grandmother, Leader or Our Clan,
Emma Jane Harrington 1859-1947

Tho' banana peelings were absent due again to Hitler and his friend of Japan, many were the watermelon seeds that sailed from one side of the table to the other. In fact, we were getting quite apprehensive of ever eating any melon at all; for at one time it resembled a much sacred maple tree with a bucket ready to catch the sap. Those that wish to learn a new way of cutting watermelons, just ask Milton Roof.

Office of Price Administration
Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945

A delightful supper was followed by a business meeting that was called among the usual hubbub and inattention youngsters and "some" elders.

The officers elected for the following year were:

President- George Voss
Vice President- DeWitt Newton
Secretary- Elaine Kellogg
Treasurer- Nellie Roof 

Report from the Treasurer:
Left over from last year.   $2.91
Collection taken                 $2.72
Expenses                             $1.18
Balance on hand               $4.45

Postage stamp issued in 1942
Chinese Resistance Issue
Founder of the Chinese Republic

It was decided to hold our 1943 reunion the first Saturday in August and the place to be decided upon later but would be at some of our homes in short Tract, N.Y. 

Before breaking up we were entertained by several recitations from Grandma Harrington, Aunt Ella Slade, Nellie Newton Roof, DeWitt Newton and, Lucy Newton Voss.
We were all very glad we had such a lovely evening for our gathering and all hope we can all meet next year and have more of our folks with us.
Elaine Kellogg, Secretary

Those present were:

Grandma Harrington
Ella Slade

Nellie Roof
Cedric Roof
Milton Roof
Aletha Roof
Bernard & Faith Roof 

Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945

Lloyd Voss
Lucy Voss
Genevieve Voss
Weldon Joe Watson
George Voss
Wilma Voss 

Revenue stamp issued in February 1942
Expires on June 30th, 1942
Motor Vehicle Use Revenue

Fred Newton
DeWitt Newton 

Documentary Revenue stamp issued in 1942

Russell Kellogg
Elaine Kellogg
Roderick Kellogg
David Kellogg
Sharon Kellogg

Stock Transfer Revenue stamp issued in 1942

John Beardsley
Joyce Ludwig

Members  21
Visitors       2 
Total          23

Documentary Revenue stamp issued in 1942
 Thomas Ewing


Born to Mr. & Mrs. George Voss, Elivyn George, November 20th, 1942

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sisto, twin girls, Sharon Lue and Bonnie Sue, January 20th, 1943

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Edward Greene, Dennis Charles, January 31st, 1943

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Hugh VanderVeen, Rebecca Anne, March 11th, 1943
Born to Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kellogg, Dennis Harold, June 2, 1943

Office of Price Administration
Gasoline Ration Stamp issued 1942 - 1945
"T Ration" for use by truckers


Married, Lewis Newton and Viola Brown. October 17, 1942

Married, Genevieve Voss and John Beardsley, January 22, 1943

Elaine Kellogg, Secretary

Christmas Seal issued in 1942