The 2017 Newton Family Reunion

July 29th – Newton Family Reunion

               What a perfect day for the reunion. We have a total of 35 family members attending. (A few arrived after the first counting!) The weather is gorgeous and the food is delicious! We cooked the chicken ahead of time and just had to heat it up and cook hotdogs. Thanks for the help from Bob P and Bruce O.  Add the cooked meats to the food brought in and the meal is perfect!

               Pastor Ray Greene (One of Esther Greene’s sons) opened in prayer. After the fun meal time Bruce passed the hat for a love offering. $85.00 was collected. Matthew Klimek and Linda Pfannenschmidt ran un-opposed so they WON again! Congratulations to your President and Secretary!

               Next Bob P started the auction. Thanks to Matthew’s sound system he was really heard! Nancy and Bruce brought in LOTS of good stuff. There were also books from Ray Greene and other items from many family members. One great camouflage hunting chair went for $20.00. In Newton money…that is a lot! When the auction ended it made $100.00 and some change. This brings our total for the pavilion and food for 2018 to $185.00. This year Matthew spent $60.00 for the pavilion, $29.48 for postage and more than he should have for meats and supplies! Thanks to all who contributed and bought, It looks like the supplies are covered for next year! Good job!

               Matt and Linda were happy to have two of their friends who live nearby join the group today. There was a warm welcome for David and Mary Nemcek. We hope they return next year. 

               We missed our beloved Randy Muecki but loved having Jake and Jordan and two of the boys. They wanted to cart out the garbage the way their Dad did but didn’t have a truck. Thank you to Bruce and Nancy for stuffing two large bags into their already full vehicle. 

               It’s great that we all pitch in to make everything work well. Come back next year and invite all the relatives again. We are looking forward to the 2018 Newton Reunion. You can’t miss it because Matt will keep you informed! See you then…..
Submitted by your secretary – Linda Pfannenschmidt

A Quick Note:
 I am glad that we all had some time to enjoy a meal together.
As a truck driver, I can plan some activities but, it is more difficult to see everything through.
Mom and Bob  (Linda and Bob Pfannenschmidt) worked during the week on the chicken and other arrangements; I was driving in the truck.
Anyhow, this is the big event for the year; I have to be back to work on Monday.
I will see many of you next year- God Willing.

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