The 2016 Newton Family Reunion

 Newton Family Reunion
July 30, 2016

 Twenty four people ventured out in a much needed rainstorm to enjoy food and fellowship with fellow Newton relatives. Ancestors of Charles Newton, Nellie Roof, and Lucy Voss were represented and had a great day. Genevieve Beardsly was the only original descendant of the Newton clan.
We love you Genny!

Starting the fire was a bit of work for Bob Pfannenschmidt due to the heavy rain but he succeeded and had chicken tenders cooked up by 12:20 with help from Ray Burkhardt.


Matthew Klimek brought in a sound system with 3 wireless microphones so we could all talk and not yell. It was a success.

Bob Pfannenschmidt prayed and we began to eat at 12:30. Newton folks sure know how to cook and eat. Even though the group was small in numbers the chatter during the meal was big!

After the lunch Linda Pfannenschmidt read the minutes and we voted to re-elect:
Matthew Klimek President
Linda Pfannenschmidt Secretary

Matt and I are happy to do it! Keeping the “Newton” reunion going is very important to both of us. We will also try to get more attendees for 2017.

After the elections we passed the hat and $45.00 was collected. On to the auction led by Bob Pfannenschmidt. No big priced items but big laughs. We somehow accumulated $45.35 by loved ones bidding up loved ones. This gives us $90.35 to work with for next year. We will do fine.

We divided up extra foods, packed up and loaded the trash up for Randy Mueckl. He also is a great Newton helper! Matt, Bob and I were about the last ones to leave and the first to arrive. We were a bit loaded up with stuff but so happy with the reunion!

Matt will enter the Letchworth lottery again next year to get us a great pavilion. We’ve made plans for the food for next year also. We’re true Newtons…always thinking of food!

Can’t wait to see you all the last Sat. of July 2017!!!

Submitted by sec – Linda Pfannenschmidt

Melanie Schumacher sent a handwritten copy of 
Our Reunion by Lucy Newton Voss 1939



  Our Reunion
by Lucy Newton Voss

As I pause for meditation,
For a moments hesitation from my baking and my scrubbing and a dozen things or more,
I am thinking things are humming and the dear ones will be coming.
Suddenly I hear a roar;
Yes its some one's car a sputtin' sounds like stammering and stuttering as it rolls up to the door.

Now I see his face asmile whiskers,
possibly the style but with laughter and with mirth he greets each one for DeWitt jumps from the car,
while his door is left afar;
each one now is sure that there will be some fun.
Fred is busy here and there,
greeting loved ones,
figuring where each will park their cars and lay their bundles down.

Mothers' laughter I can hear and the voices,
very dear of our relatives who have come from out of town.
While the tables' being laid in the old familiar glade there is Nellie, Franklin, Charles and Bessie too,
then there's Minnie wide awake and I think she's brought a cake which Cecil wishes her to cut but twice in two.
Now there's coffee to be made or perhaps its just Kool Aid,
if the weather keeps as hot as it has been and the stove didn't work too good,
not as perfect as it should with its good old sides of rock and top of tin.

When the dinners' on the table all are quiet, if they're able,
grace is said and many mouths fly open wide.
Could I tell it if I would, should I tell it if I could,
all the things that each of you'll put inside.
Sandwiches, not just a few, baked beans, cake and salads too,
Until most of the stomachs have to stretch the hide.
Harold and Russell both are aching to be called out for speech making,
while banana peels are flying here and there.

Someone tries to say a word,
much loud banging now is heard,
if a peeling strikes your face,
you must not care thus with food,
games and visits blended,
a mast gala day is ended and the plans are made
to meet another year.

Note from the elected president:

 As we started off from Endicott on early Saturday morning, it was overcast.
We entered the park through the Mt. Morris entrance, it was a downpour of rain.
As we drove toward the pavilion, we knew that we had shelter but there was a concern about how we were going to cook the meat since the grills are located outside of the pavilion and were soaked with rain water.

 Bob was able to clean the grills and start the charcoal fire by placing the aluminum foil pans upside down, over the grill. The fire did successfully produce enough heat to grill the chicken.

On a day like this one, a big meal is a great way to warm up.
I ate no less than three plates of grilled chicken smothered with the scalloped potato and gravy that was heated in a crock pot.

I,m glad that we made a day of the rainy reunion, 
it was good to see all of you.

Matthew Klimek

In addition to the three grills, we had a fire going in the pavilion.
Several trays of food were kept warm before dinner.

From Our Years Past:
Charles & Bessie Newton

Christmas December 25th, 1970
at their North street apartment.

June 1966
Married for 50 Years

June 5th, 1956
Married for 40 Years

Newton Family Reunion
July 30, 2016