The Ride Home

 As life goes on, I sit here and sometimes contemplate great achievements that can occur.
The Newton Family Reunion is an annual event that I see as worthwhile; a family that is structured from my great grandparents and some before them.
Every year, the picture changes slightly; this is the time when we face what remains of our extended family and, we see those that will become of us.
This year was pleasant but, like all years, the fatigue sets in and, the reality of the day is carried evenly amongst ourselves; we are tired, it has been a long day.  

This blog entry is nothing more than the ride home; the pavilion is empty.
I decided to hold the camera as I rode in the van with Bob driving.
I drank the remaining cans of diet Coke and, recorded some video footage to assemble a few videos that are of a vehicle with four tired people in it.

See you all soon...................

'Baby, Now That I've Found You' recorded by Alison Krauss in 1995

 'I Know One' recorded by Jim Reeves in 1960

-Every year, the picture changes slightly.-

-The reality of the day is carried evenly amongst ourselves.-

Since nostalgia is such a huge occurrence at any family reunion,
I was more than happy to include this video.
Just look at all the things you get!!!!