2008 - The Seventy-Seventh Annual Newton Family Reunion

 Wow! 81 folks gathered together on this July 26th 2008; We are all related!
It is almost 85 degrees and quite warm but, what a great day.
Matt Klimek cooked delicious hotdogs, Chuck Newton opened with prayer, we all lined up , piled our plates and dug in. Again, we proved to be great cooks as the food was delicious.
When we had eaten, Bob Pfannenschmidt played candy and coin toss with the children; there was lots of scrambling and laughing.

Linda Pfannenschmidt stood on a bench and conducted a business meeting.
The minutes were read and the balance in the Treasury was $0.00. No problem, the hat was passed and $120.25 was collected. We decided to again have Matt try to get the Middle Falls Pavilion, the usage fee is $70.00.
Linda Beardsley Brandt made a motion that we keep the same officers- Matt Klimek president and, Linda & Bob Pfannenschmidt as assistants; the motion was seconded. It's unanimous! We will do it for another year.

Bob Pfannenschmidt handled the auction. Thanks to all who contributed, we netted $66.50 and every child present was given a toy, It good to see excited children at the reunion!
Linda (Greene) Pfannenschmidt, Secretary

Presidents statement:
It was a very nice reunion, I enjoyed visiting and talking with the family.
After leaving Letchworth State Park with my mom Linda & Bob, we went to Stony Brook State Park to take advantage of the cold water for a refreshing afternoon swim.
As we were traveling toward Endicott, we observed darkening skies as lightning streaked through the air with brilliance. We arrived at Mom & Bob's house, only to notice that there was a layer of hail stones on the ground and, there was no electricity. I started to walk around the house and saw a rather large tree had fallen in the backyard, there was some dammage but, the house had been sparred.

(2008-07-26) Linda Pfannenschmidt finds a fallen tree in her backyard after the reunion.
Such a good time at the reunion! 
Such a surprise to see what the storm did while traveling home from the reunion!!

Expense Report:
$25.08  postage for 57 announcements mailed ($0.44 x 57)
$ 4.00 stationary and envelopes
$50.00 hotdogs
$12.00 roles
$ 9.00 charcoal
$ 6.00 plates
$ 3.00 lighter fluid
$80.00 Middle Falls Pavilion (Full Day)
Total Expense:
$120.25 hat
$ 66.50 Auction

2008 July 26th Attendance:

Robert Pfannenschmidt
Linda Pfannenschmidt
Matthew P. Klimek
George Voss
Wilma Voss
Sherrie Voss
Bonnie Kellogg Brown
Robert M. Kellogg, Jr.
Pat Progansky
Mike Progansky
Austin Wilcox
Madison Wilcox
Samantha Wilcox
Hannah Wilcox
Kristina Wilcox
Florence Roof
Linda Beardsley Brandt

Charles Newton
Barbara Newton
Jacklyn Martens
Mark Stanton
Randy Mueckl
Brenda Mueckl
Genevieve Beardsley
Lari Greene
Miriam Greene
Naomi Clingerman
Donna McTutice (friend of Naomi that drove from Ohio))
Bernard Roof
Norma Roof
Dale Beardsley
Diane Beardsley
Steve Pepe
Jill Pepe
Nicole Pepe
Jim Pepe
Carrie Pepe

Roben Waddell
Barbara Caster
Ken Wilcox
Sabrinna Wilcox
Dalton Wilcox
Dusty Wilcox
Dylan Wilcox
Danni Sue Wilcox
Karen Roof Brewer
Summer Blancq
Tristan Blancq 
Laura James
Forrest James
Bradly James
Donna James
Ashley James
Becky James

Ben Stack
Jody Stack
Kenzy Stack
Lexy Stack
Jake Stack
Amy Kingsbury
Jeff Kingsbury
Carina Kingsbury
Samuel Kingsbury
Sawyer Kingsbury
Caden Kingsbury
Lois Bouton
Mike Bouton
Michael Bouton
Adine Bouton
Matthew Duffy

Postage stamp issued in 2007
(returned Newton Reunion announcement)

Stephany Roof
Courtney Roof
Bernie Roof
Sherry Roof
Jordan Roof

Eunice Elizabeth VanderVeen (1918-2007)

Eunice Elizabeth VanderVeen, age 89, of Grand Rapids, Michigan,  passed away peacefully and went to her Heavenly Home on November 28, 2007. She was preceded in death by her husband, Hugh VanderVeen. Surviving are her children, Jane Elizabeth Jarlsberg, Rebecca Ann Jernigan, Timothy Hugh VanderVeen and Thomas John VanderVeen; her grandchildren, Elizabeth Jarlsberg, Christopher Jarlsberg, Jodee Gailey and Todd Brower; great grandchildren, Sarah Jarlsberg, Rachel Jarlsberg and Emma Gailey; her sisters,
Mariella Scott-Spisak and Lois Robert Reynolds. 
Eunice is the daughter of Louella Newton Scott (1888-1920)
and David Harry Scott (1884-1967)

Linda (Greene) Pfannenschmidt, Secretary

2008 Newton Reunion Announcement